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Yoga Mats from Hand-Painted Artworks

Non-Slip, Sweat Absorbent

Lightweight, Eco-Friendly


Similar to clothing and accessories, we want to make yoga mats an embellishment to your outfit. We believe that yoga mats could be made beautifully by adding our aesthetically pleasing designs that originated from hand-painted art to the mats.

With this unique combination of yoga mats and hand-painted artwork, we hope to bring in a new experience to your yoga sessions.

"It has very good firmness that allow me to grip well. The texture is comfortable and well made, especially it makes me relaxed as well as my heart warmed in a shavasana." 

Yogakripa Kazu. Yoga certified instructor of 12 years. https://yogakripa.com/en/

“I love the aesthetic pleasing yoga mat. You can feel the passion of the artist through the painting on the mat. The passion inspires my yoga practice."

Joey Wang. Yoga practitioner of over 10 years.

Every of our yoga mat design originates from actual painting artwork done by a self-taught artist, Mr Raymond Li.

Illustrator of book. Art teacher. Chairman of art interest group and Street portrait artist.

The paintings are then digitally transferred to the suede top layer of the mats using a heat transfer process (known as sublimation), making it lasting and able to withstand multiple washing.

A Gift for all Occasion

Looking for something for someone special? A yoga mat that is aesthetically stand out will be the perfect gift.


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