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Every of our yoga mat design originated from actual painting artwork

Similar to clothing and accessories, we want to make yoga mats an embellishment to your outfit. We believe that yoga mats could be made beautifully by adding our aesthetically pleasing designs that originated from hand-painted art to the mats.

With this unique combination of yoga mats and hand-painted artwork, we hope to bring in a new experience to your yoga sessions.

Beautiful and Functional

From Singapore to the World, we ensure that our mats are affordable by sourcing the right partners across the globe. The key features to our mats are light-weight, eco-friendly, non-slip and sweat-absorbent.

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Our Mission

We want Mornkiyani to be your everyday mat, the one that you are so proud to showcase. Also equally important, it is able to function well for your usage, durable and well specs.